Sunday, June 28, 2015

With Ike Reilly, You Always Want To Belong To The Staggering Evening No Matter Where It Takes You

Song For The Soundtrack:
Let's Get Friendly
Ike Reilly has got game.

Real. Authentic. Game.

The kind of game that attracts all the girls and makes all the boys wish they could be just cool enough to carry his amp.

He writes. He sings. He plays guitar.

THE party follows him no matter where he goes.

He tells toxic tales that are so unbelievable that they can't be true, but the details are so vivid that they just might be.

We Belong To The Staggering Evening (2007) is the sixth entry in his now nine-record catalog with the release of 2015's Born On Fire.

His 2001 debut, Salesmen And Racists, made him a NPR star. If there were justice in rock 'n' roll, it would have made him the biggest star of the new musical millennium.

Reilly cooks up a cosmic stew that combines rock and punk with hints of hip hop, acoustic with electric, the psychedelic and a dash of Link Wray.

He masters the combined cadence of rap and Dylan on Highway 61 Revisited, spitting image after image after intoxicating image in a Midwestern nasal twang.

On The Staggering Evening, there's the 4th of July with accelerants and amphetamines, a border bash with a Suicide Girl, and a union uprising that asks the question: "Who says you can't toss a fish at a president, say you're sorry and be on your way?"

Hunter S. Thompson would have loved Ike Reilly and you should too.

Running Data for Sunday, June 21:
5.26 Miles
Additional We Belong To The Staggering Evening Candidates For Columbus Marathon Soundtrack: 8 More Days To The 4th Of July, When Irish Eyes Are Burning, Valentine's Day In Juarez, Fish Plant Uprising, It's Hard to Make Love To An American
Total 2015 Miles: 122.10 Miles

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