Monday, June 22, 2015

The Next Voice That You Hear Will Be Your Own Singing Along With Jackson Browne On "Best Of"

Song For The Soundtrack:
Running On Empty
Jackson Browne's voice and songs are as comfortable to put on as a favorite pair of Birkenstock sandals in the summer.

The Next Voice You Hear: The Best of Jackson Browne (1997) should be more correctly dubbed a career retrospective than a greatest hits package.

It's not so much what's on it, as it is what's not, especially from his earliest albums and arguably most popular ones  - Jackson Browne (1972), For Everyman (1973), Late for the Sky (1974), The Pretender (1976) and Running On Empty (1977). Each only gets one song each, save for Late for the Sky with Fountain Of Sorrow and the title cut.

For many, Running On Empty has become a greatest hits package all its own and it's safe to assume most buying The Next Voice You Hear probably have a copy in at least one format or another. But, it's a stretch to call a record "The Best of Jackson Brown" and not include The Load-Out/Stay.

When I hear Somebody's Baby, I
see Jennifer Jason Leigh as
Stacy Hamilton in Fast Times At
Ridgemont High
The "extras" on this do include the unforgettable Somebody's Baby which appeared before only on the Fast Times At Ridgemont High soundtrack. It's impossible to hear without picturing Jennifer Jason Leigh as Stacy Hamilton.

The other two previously unreleased cuts are The Rebel Jesus - a Christmas song with a twist "from a heathen and a pagan" - and the title track.

The chronological order of songs demonstrates Browne's enduring commercial strength and shows off his continuing progression of hits.

Regardless of what's missing, the next voice that you hear will be probably your own singing along with no lyrics sheet needed.

Running Data for Saturday, June 13:
4.18 Miles
Additional The Next Voice You Hear Candidates For Columbus Marathon Soundtrack: Doctor My Eyes, Fountain Of Sorrow, Late For The Sky, The Pretender, Somebody's Baby
Total 2015 Miles: 110.83 Miles

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