Monday, June 1, 2015

Last of the Lost Miles: Ryan Bingham, Cash, Todd Snider, Marshall Crenshaw, Dixie Chicks, Stones

Song For The Soundtrack:
Dylan's Hard Rain
Do 32 runs, 100.56 miles and 27 albums in seven months count as a "regular training program?"

Well, only as much as 4.6 runs and 14.36 miles a month register or about one 3-mile run a week since running the 2014 Columbus Marathon 1/2 Marathon in October.

They may be "Lost Miles," but the music from all 27 albums remains memorable.

Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses Roadhouse Sun (2009)
"Low or loud, weary or wound up, Ryan Bingham is a voice you need to hear with no bad choices among any of his albums."

Running Data for Wednesday, February 25:
3.15 Miles
Additional Roadhouse Sun Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: Day Is Done, Endless Ways, Hey Hey Hurray, Wishing Well
"Lost Miles" Total: 81.10 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Rusty Cage

Johnny Cash Unchained (1996)
"The second of the Johnny Cash/Rick Rubin American Recordings installments keeps the train of renewed influence and rebirth rolling."

Running Data for Sunday, March 1:
3.12 Miles
Additional Unchained Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: Southern Accent, Mean Eyed Cat, Unchained, I've Been Everywhere
"Lost Miles" Total: 84.22 Miles

Running Data for Monday, March 2 (No Music):
2.05 Miles
"Lost Miles" Total: 86.27 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Mission Accomplished
Todd Snider Peace Queer (2008)
"Listen to Todd Snider for the songs. Listen to Todd Snider to hear the stories. Just listen to Todd Snider."

Running Data for Wednesday, March 4:
2.01 Miles
Additional Peace Queer Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: Fortunate Son, Stuck On The Corner, Is This Thing On?
"Lost Miles" Total: 88.28 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Cynical Girl
Marshall Crenshaw Marshall Crenshaw (1982)
"Marshall Crenshaw is among my favorite debut albums ever. Nearly 33 years old, it remains a masterpiece and what pop music should aspire to be."

Running Data for Monday, March 9:
3.09 Miles
Additional Marshall Crenshaw Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: Someday, Some Way; Girls; The Usual Thing; Soldier Of Love
"Lost Miles" Total: 91.37 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Truth No.2
Dixie Chicks Home (2002)
"The Dixie Chicks already had taken a more serious tone on Home and added more of bluegrass flair. Then, 'The Incident' on that tour struck a chord that sadly and wrongly changed their place in country music forever."

Running Data for Tuesday, March 10:
3.13 Miles
Additional Home Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: Long Time Gone, Landslide, White Trash Wedding, Godspeed
"Lost Miles" Total: 94.50 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Can't You Hear Me Knocking

Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers (1971)
"Given the number of Sticky Fingers songs that are regulars of the Rolling Stones live repertoire, it barely would be a stretch for them to perform the album in its entirety on this tour."

Running Data for Monday, April 13:
3.00 Miles
Additional Sticky Fingers Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: Brown Sugar, Wild Horses, Dead Flowers
"Lost Miles" Total: 97.50 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Street Fightin' Man

Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet (1968)
"Beggars Banquet marks the end of the Brian Jones era and the beginning of arguably the Stones' most creatively enduring run of records. Next to Satisfaction, I'm not sure they ever wrote a better song than Street Fightin' Man."

Running Data for Tuesday, April 14:
3.06 Miles
Additional Beggars Banquet Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: Parachute Woman, Jig-Saw Puzzle, Salt Of The Earth
"Lost Miles" Total: 100.56 Miles

1. This Old Porch from Lyle Lovett Lyle Lovett
2. Busload Of Faith from Lou Reed New York
3. Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart from Whiskeytown Strangers Almanac
4. It's Not You (The Girls!) from Columbus Blood
5. Parachute from B.A. Baracus How To Pick Up Trashy Women
6. Dinah-Moe Humm from Frank Zappa Over-Nite Sensation
7. Right Time from Nikki Lane All Or Nothin'
8. Buckeye Bop from Dead Schembechlers Wolverine Destroyer
9. Bloody Fingers And A Broken Heart from Los Gravediggers Get A New Ghost
10. We Don't Give A Damn For The Whole State Of Michigan from Dead Schembechlers Rodriguez To Ruin
11. Walk Of Shame from Nikki Lane Walk Of Shame
12. Mercurochrome from Watershed Three Chords And A Cloud Of Dust II
13. High School Flame from Twin Cam Speedholes
14. Life Is Bad from Shelby Lynne I Am Shelby Lynne
15. Let's Get Drunk & Get It On from Old 97's Most Messed Up
16. Gunpowder & Lead from Miranda Lambert Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
17. I Won't Crap Out from Iggy Pop Brick By Brick
18. Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground from White Stripes White Blood Cells
19. Flying Over Water from Jason Isbell Southeastern
20. Bastards Of Young from The Replacements Tim
21. Dylan's Hard Rain from Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses Roadhouse Sun
22. Rusty Cage from Johnny Cash Unchained
23. Mission Accomplished from Todd Snider Peace Queer
24. Cynical Girl from Marshall Crenshaw Marshall Crenshaw
25. Truth No. 2 from Dixie Chicks Home
26. Can't You Hear Me Knocking from Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers
27. Street Fightin' Man from Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet

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