Wednesday, May 27, 2015

More Lost Miles: Shelby Lynne, Old 97's, Miranda, Iggy, White Stripes, Jason Isbell & Replacements

Song For The Soundtrack:
Life Is Bad
These miles of music didn't turn into the 2015 Capital City Half Marathon they were supposed to become.

But, that doesn't make any of these records less memorable, just the victims of a winter full of training fits and more stops than starts.

The Replacements call it a "mess on the ladder of success/Where you take one step and miss the whole first rung."

My May pledge is to make it up to them at the finish line of a big Fall race.

Shelby Lynne I Am Shelby Lynne (2000)
"This record still sounds just as lush and luscious as it did when it was released 15 years ago."

Running Data for Saturday, December 13:
3.45 Miles
Additional I Am Shelby Lynne Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: Why Can't You Be?, Lookin' Up, Where I'm From
"Lost Miles" Total: 49.25 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Let's Get Drunk & Get It On
Running Data for Saturday, December 20 (No Music):
3.01 Miles
"Lost Miles" Total: 52.26 Miles

Old 97's Most Messed Up (2014)
"The Old 97's were responsible for one of my favorites shows and albums of 2014. On Most Messed Up, they sang that we don't have to grow up and I think we should all shoot for doing just that."

Running Data for Monday, December 29:
3.59 Miles
Additional Most Messed Up Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: Longer Than You've Been Alive, Give It Time, Guadalajara, Wasted, Most Messed Up
"Lost Miles" Total: 55.85 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Gunpowder & Lead
Miranda Lambert Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2007)
"Miranda Lambert sports a real country music arsenal and, lucky for us, she is happy to show of all of it. She knows a little bit about rock 'n' roll, too."

Running Data for Saturday, January 17:
3.08 Miles
Additional Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: Famous In A Small Town, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Guilty In Here
"Lost Miles" Total: 58.93 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
I Won't Crap Out
Iggy Pop Brick By Brick (1990)
"Does the Iggy Pop lust for life ever end? Not on Brick By Brick and no, Iggy does not crap out ... never ever."

Running Data for Tuesday, January 27:
"3" Miles
Additional Brick By Brick Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: Home, Something Wild, Neon Forest, Brick By Brick
"Lost Miles" Total: 61.93 Miles

Running Data for Wednesday, January 28 (No Music):
"3" Miles
"Lost Miles" Total: 64.93 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Dead Leaves
And The Dirty Ground
White Stripes White Blood Cells (2001)
"As long as I can keep my Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground, I don't have to hear Seven Nation Army ever again. This remains my favorite Jack White record from any of his group and solo incarnations."

Running Data for Saturday, January 31:
3.15 Miles
Additional White Blood Cells Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: Hotel Yorba, Fell In Love With A Girl, I Think I Smell A Rat, Now Mary
"Lost Miles" Total: 68.08 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Flying Over Water
Jason Isbell Southeastern (2013)
"The best record of 2013 hasn't given up the crown as the top release since it came out nearly two years ago. This is the sound of a life changing to a better direction."

Running Data for Sunday, February 8:
3.65 Miles
Additional Southeastern Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: Cover Me Up, Stockholm, Elephant, Songs That She Sang In The Shower, Super 8
"Lost Miles" Total: 71.73 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Bastards Of Young
The Replacements Tim (1985)
"Tim is the perfect bridge between the early punk era of The Replacements and the more polished band that Paul Westerberg would drag them to become. It's the first 'Mats album I ever had and still my favorite."

Running Data for Monday, February 9:
3.11 Miles
Additional Tim Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: Kiss Me On The Bus, Waitress In The Sky, Left Of The Dial, Little Mascara, Here Comes A Regular
"Lost Miles" Total: 74.84 Miles

Running Data for Saturday, February 14 (No Music):
3.11 Miles
"Lost Miles" Total: 77.95 Miles

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lost Miles Part II: Nikki Lane and A Beat Michigan Week of Going for Two Every Day for Woody

Song For The Soundtrack:
Right Time
Nikki Lane stands above many of her musical contemporaries literally and figuratively.

She's lyrically intoxicating, vocally exotic, visually stunning and a kindred spirit to Indestructible Machine-era Lydia Loveless.

The leggy Lane easily straddles the lines between longing and loneliness, lust and love, and the good and bad versions of each.

In her second full-length release, All Or Nothin', she throws down the thematic gauntlet in the opening line.

"Any day or night time is always the right time/Is always the right time to do the wrong thing."

She delivers with a voice that's part Wanda Jackson and a healthy splash of Loretta Lynn.

All Or Nothin' is produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys and he duets with Lane on Love's On Fire. Musically, the mix combines hints of Chris Isaak atmospheres, murky Cramps rockabilly and the country flair that made Waylon an outlaw king.

Nikki Lane performing in Columbus'
The Basement in November.
Live, Lane generated even more electricity at the front of her crack touring outfit, who did not play with her on the All Or Nothin' album.

While she's still trying to find a radio home for her brand of outlaw country, Lane cuts an impression on record and in concert that runs deep.

Catch her this summer on tour with Social Distortion.

Nikki Lane All Or Nothin' (2014)
Running Data for Saturday, November 15:
3.15 Miles
Additional All Or Nothin' Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: You Can't Talk to Me Like That, Love's On Fire, All Or Nothin', Sleep With A Stranger
"Lost Miles" Total: 25.56 Miles

One of the favorite Ohio State vs. Michigan football fables is the 1968 game in Ohio Stadium when the Buckeyes were up 48-14 and Coach Woody Hayes legendarily told his team to go for a two-point conversion following a late-game touchdown.

When asked afterwards why he went for two, Hayes responded, "Because I couldn't go for three."

In honor of The Game, I vowed to go for at least two every day during Hate Week.

The Buckeyes won 42-28 and for Woody's sake I became a runner again.

Song For The Soundtrack:
Buckeye Bop
Dead Schembechlers Wolverine Destroyer (2005)
"The Dead Schembechlers should be a part of your Hate Week soundtrack every year. They aren't called the best damn punk band in the land for nothing."

Running Data for Sunday, November 23:
3.08 Miles
Additional Wolverine Destroyer Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: Dead Schembechlers, I Hate Michigan, Wide Left
"Lost Miles" Total: 28.64 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Bloody Fingers And A Broken Heart
Los Gravediggers Get A New Ghost (2014)
"When Los Gravediggers lead singer and guitar player Quinn Fallon said these might be his best songs ever, I didn't believe him. Then, I heard the album. Heartbreaks are highways and Get A New Ghost proves once again that the bitterness of lost love is best served with loud guitars."

Running Data for Monday, November 24:
3.66 Miles
Additional Get A New Ghost Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: Ain't Gonna Live Forever, Yesterday's Girl, Little Rock, Wings Made Of Whiskey
"Lost Miles" Total: 32.30 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
We Don't Give A Damn For
The Whole State Of Michigan
Dead Schembechlers Rodriguez To Ruin (2009)
"Former Head Coach Rich Rodriguez is still a weasel. Chad Henne is still a joke. And, beating The Team Up North never loses its luster. Always remember 2-10-1."

Running Data for Tuesday, November 25:
2.07 Miles
Additional Rodriguez To Ruin Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: O-H-I-O, Rodriguez Is A Weasel, I'm So Bored With The SEC
"Lost Miles" Total: 34.37 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Walk Of Shame
Nikki Lane Walk Of Shame (2011)
"There are no regrets on this wake-up call. Walk Of Shame is a barroom full of bad boys, bad girls and bad intentions that sounds the way country music ought to."

Running Data for Wednesday, November 26:
3.20 Miles
Additional Walk Of Shame Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: Coming Home To You, Hard Livin', I Can't Be Satisfied
"Lost Miles" Total: 37.57 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Watershed Three Chords And A Cloud Of Dust II (2007)
"The Dead Schembechlers are the official voice of Hate Week. But at the historic 2006 rally, their Watershed alter egos were just as epic."

Running Data for Thursday, November 27:
4.06 Miles
Additional Three Chords And A Cloud Of Dust II Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: Suckerpunch, Black Concert T-Shirt
"Lost Miles" Total: 41.63 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
High School Flame
Twin Cam Speedholes (2003)
"Twin Cam plays power pop with Nirvana-style riffs, which made them the perfect opener for the Dead Schembechlers at the 2014 Hate Rally."

Running Data for Friday, November 28:
2.06 Miles
Additional Speedholes Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: The Year Before, Aisle 5, All Been Good
"Lost Miles" Total: 43.69 Miles

Running Data for Saturday, November 29 (No Music):
2.11 Miles
"Lost Miles" Total: 45.80 Miles

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lost Miles Part I: Lyle Lovett, Lou Reed, Whiskeytown, B.A. Baracus & Zappa Stache Dash

Song For The Soundtrack:
Dinah-Moe Humm
Minutes make the miles.

Miles make the workouts.

Workouts make the weeks.

Weeks make the months.

Months make the marathons.

So goes my longtime training mantra.

The miles that follow were supposed to fortify the shaky base that turned the 2014 Columbus Marathon into a 13.1-mile trek instead. They were going to be the inertia rockers that made this May's Capital City Half Marathon my best ever.

Instead, they were a warm-up for the 2nd Annual Studio 35 Stache Dash, which isn't necessarily a bad thing since there's beer at the finish line.

More importantly, the music for these runs plays on forever and is being banked for the "next big race" - whatever that may be.

Song For The Soundtrack:
This Old Porch

Lyle Lovett Lyle Lovett (1986)
"Next to Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett is my favorite export from the planet known as Texas."

Running Data for Saturday, November 1:
3.04 Miles
Additional Lyle Lovett Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: God Will, If I Were The Man You Wanted, Closing Time
"Lost Miles" Total: 3.04 Miles

Lou Reed New York (1989)
Song For The Soundtrack:
Busload Of Faith

"Lou Reed's New York album still stings true 25 years later regardless of where you live."

Running Data for Monday, November 3:
4.28 Miles
Additional New York Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: Romeo Had Juliette, Last Great American Whale, Strawman
"Lost Miles" Total: 7.32 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart

Whiskeytown Strangers Almanac (1997)
"Whiskeytown pours out haunting heartbreak after haunting heartbreak. It makes you hurt even when you're happy."

Running Data for Wednesday, November 5:
4.12 Miles
Additional Strangers Almanac Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: Yesterday's News, Avenues
"Lost Miles" Total: 11.44 Miles

Various Artists Columbus Blood (2014)
Song For The Soundtrack:
It's Not You (The Girls!)

"The Columbus Blood compilation cuts into bands you might never hear otherwise. Do yourself a favor and let it bleed."

B.A. Baracus How To Pick Up Trashy Women (2003)
"The B.A. Baracus gang grinds out glorious muscle rock reminiscent of the MC5 and the first Montrose record."

Running Data for Saturday, November 8:
5.10 Miles
Song For The Soundtrack:
Additional Columbus Blood Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: Cotton Jackson Drink and Fuck, Betty Machete and the Angry Cougars Rock Bottom, Dirty Biscuits Never The Same, Righteous Buck and the Skull Scorchers Six More Miles To The Graveyard, Nom Tchotchkes P.S.   
Additional How To Pick Up Trashy Women Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: Taffy McNabb, Suzanne's Summer, Grapes Of Wrath
"Lost Miles" Total: 16.54 Miles

Running Data for Monday, November 10 (No Music):
3.00 Miles
"Lost Miles" Total: 19.54 Miles

The 2nd Annual Studio 35 Stache Dash (Thursday, November 13)

This one is destined to become a Clintonville tradition for years to come, whether you can grow facial hair or not. It's only 3 miles and the field is more fun than fast.

It's also a night race up and down the Walhalla Ravine that zips to High Street before heading back through the hills to finish at Studio 35 where the first beer is free for runners.

Best yet, the T-shirts are keepers and this year's medal is also a bottle opener.

It's imperative to pick someone with a legendary stache for the soundtrack. So, this year, it was another Frank Zappa run - this time with Over-Nite Sensation (1973).

It's rude. It's occasionally crude and lays additional groundwork for the debate about whether Zappa is a better social commentator, comedian or guitar wizard.

Additional Over-Nite Sensation Candidates For The "Next Big Race" Soundtrack: Camarillo Brillo, Dirty Love, Zomby Woof, Montana
"Lost Miles" Total: 22.41 Miles

2014 Studio 35 Stache Stache Dash Statistics
Finish Time: 26:53
Overall Pace: 8:58 Per Mile
Overall Finish: 33/98
50-59 Men's Age Group: 4/6

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Key To Enjoying Bob Dylan Concert Experience In 2015 Is Knowing There Are No Kumbaya Moments

There are no karaoke singalongs at a Bob Dylan concert.

There is no holding hands and cooing "the answer my friend is blowin' in the wind" with your neighbor.

In fact, most of the time, even the most knowledgeable fans need a verse or two to identify what song Dylan is singing since his vocals became far more Tom Waits than Nashville Skyline. More than a few concert goers would be hard pressed to name those tunes even if they were spotted which album they came from.

His tour song selections are now more driven by what his vocal chords can handle than necessarily the classics his 50-year career library contains.

At last night's Ohio Theatre show, he didn't play a guitar - acoustic or electric - and looked slightly stilted making his little show biz hip jukes at the center stage microphone.

This doesn't mean it was an unsatisfying experience, far from it, because he's still Bob Dylan.

The Ohio Theatre always makes for a spectacular setting. The heavily advertised punctuality of an 8 p.m. start with no opening act was real and appreciated by the overwhelming number of AARP members in the audience (myself included).

Last night's Columbus audience also knew what to expect from today's Bob Dylan.

There were no mass exoduses of disappointed fans left scratching their heads at the gravel in his voice or the recent deeps cuts that he played.

There weren't even any shout out requests to be ignored and no one complained that his only stage banter was that the band was going to take a short break.

The only stampede to the exits came at the intermission, when many stormed to the restrooms as quickly as they could and still get through the bar line before the second set began.

And, until the encore, nearly all obeyed the "no mobile devise usage during the show" request that was made at the entrance.

Dylan and his band with guitarist Charlie Sexton as its centerpiece leaned most heavily on his work from the last two decades.

They sprinkled earlier nuggets such as She Belongs To Me, Tangled Up In Blue and Simple Twist Of Fate into the two sets, before opening the encore with a completely reworked take on Blowin' In The Wind with an arrangement that prevented any guest vocals from the audience.

Stay With Me, from his new Frank Sinatra covers album Shadows In The Night, closed the night quietly.

Maybe Dylan is a musical shadow of his earlier self, but even now that's still more than enough.

Setlist from

1. Things Have Changed
2. She Belongs To Me
3. Beyond Here Lies Nothin'
4. Workingman's Blues #2
5. Duquesne Whistle
6. Waiting For You
7. Pay In Blood
8. Tangled Up In Blue
9. Love Sick


10. High Water (For Charley Patton)
11. Simple Twist Of Fate
12. Early Roman Kings
13. Forgetful Heart
14. Spirit On the Water
15. Scarlet Town
16. Soon After Midnight
17. Long And Wasted Years
18. Autumn Leaves


19. Blowin' In the Wind
20. Stay With Me