Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Songs For The Soundrack:
Doreen (Disc I)
Four Leaf Clover (Disc II)
Old 97's Alive & Wired (2005)
"The Old 97's do songs that fall into one of four themes: good love, bad love, Texas and drinking - sometimes all four at once."

Running Data for Monday, June 2:
5.00 Miles
Running Date for Tuesday, June 3:
4.00 Miles
Additional Alive & Wired Disc I Candidates For The Soundtrack: Barrier Reef, The Villain, Rollerskate Skinny, Iron Road
Additional Alive & Wired Disc II Candidates For The Soundtrack: Jagged, Designs On You, Cryin' Drunk, Time Bomb
Columbus Marathon Training Total Mileage: 41.67 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Hope You're Feeling Better
Santana Abraxas (1970)
"On this their second release, Santana creates a magical musical spell of jazz, rock and commercial gold. Black Magic Woman and Oye Como Va are still staples on classic rock radio more than 40 years later."

Running Data for Wednesday, June 4:
3.08 Miles
Additional Abraxas Candidates For The Soundtrack: Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen, Oye Como Va
Columbus Marathon Training Total Mileage: 44.75 Miles

Hank III Damn Right, Rebel Proud (2008)
Song For The Soundtrack:
3 Shades of Black
"When Hank III is country, he sounds like his grandfather Hank Sr. When he takes punk and metal turns, it's like nothing you've ever heard before. Think of it as drain cleaner for the brain."

Running Data for Saturday, June 7:
5.03 Miles
Additional Damn Right, Rebel Proud Candidates For The Soundtrack: The Grand Ole Opry, Wild & Free, Six Pack Of Beer
Columbus Marathon Training Total Mileage: 49.78

Song For The Sountrack:
Hank III Hillbilly Joker (2011)
"Originally recorded in 2003, this record was caught in a nasty creative conflict between Hank III and Curb Records. It's a scorching set of songs that was going to be called This Ain't Country. No one would have argued with that title."

Running Data for Monday, June 9:
4.01 Miles
Additional Hillbilly Joker Candidates For The Soundtrack: Hillbilly Joker, I'm Drunk Again, Tennessee Driver
Columbus Marathon Training Total Mileage: 53.79 Miles

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Song For The Soundtrack:
Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit Here We Rest (2011)
"Jason Isbell continues to grow as a songwriter on this his third solo record and second with The 400 Unit who make his musical arsenal downright deadly."

Running Data for Thursday, May 29
4.11 Miles
Here We Rest Song For The Soundtrack: Codeine
Columbus Marathon Training Total Mileage: 32.67 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
Bob Dylan The Free Wheelin' Bob Dylan (1963)
"Bob Dylan's second release has one of the most famous album covers in rock history, the most quoted protest song of all time (Blowin' In The Wind) and a bevy of other classics."

Running Data for Tuesday, May 27
4.22 Miles
The Free Wheelin' Bob Dylan Song For The Soundtrack: Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
Columbus Marathon Training Total Mileage: 28.56 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Tombstone Blues
Bob Dylan Highway 61 Revisited (1965)
"Now fully electric with the muscle of a band behind him, Dylan makes more history on his sixth release, which includes perhaps rock's greatest single - Like A Rolling Stone."

Running Data for Saturday, May 24
4.06 Miles
Highway 61 Revisited Song For The Soundtrack: Tombstone Blues
Columbus Marathon Training Total Mileage: 24.34 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Lost Highway
The Replacements Songs For Slim (2013)
"Any excuse for a new record from The Replacements is a good one. When the proceeds help a fallen friend, it's even better. These go to the health care costs of former Replacements guitarist Slim Dunlap who suffered a brain stroke in 2012."

Running Data for Thursday, May 22
2.03 Miles
Songs For Slim Song For The Soundtrack: Lost Highway
Columbus Marathon Training Total Mileage: 20.28 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Old 97's Fight Songs (1999)
"On the strength of this record alone, the Old 97's became some of my favorite sons of Texas. I dare you to listen to Nineteen and not feel that age again no matter how many years ago you really were."

Running Data for Tuesday, May 20
4.01 Miles
Fight Songs Song For The Soundtrack: Nineteen
Columbus Marathon Training Total Mileage: 18.25 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Maria Bartiromo
Joey Ramone Don't Worry About Me (2002)
"Released after his death in 2001, Joey Ramone leaves another lasting legacy of punk's pop power on his first solo release."

Running Data for Monday, May 19
3.12 Miles
Don't Worry About Me Song For The Soundtrack: Maria Bartiromo
Columbus Marathon Training Total Mileage: 14.24 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Talking Bear Mountain Picnic
Bob Dylan Carnegie Chapter Hall 1961 (2012)
"According to legend there were only 50 folkies at Carnegie Chapter Hall on November 4, 1961 to hear Bob Dylan's first concert after signing with Columbia Records. It's all folk all the time and a far more stage conversational Dylan than the one he would become."

Running Data for Monday, May 12
4.22 Miles
Carnegie Chapter Hall 1961 Song For The Soundtrack: Talking Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues
Columbus Marathon Training Total Mileage: 11.12 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
San Francisco
Me First And The Gimme Gimmes Blow In The Wind (2001)
"It's an all-star cast of California punkers having big fun with the classics. It's also proof that just about any song can be transformed with the right amount of punk rock magic."

Running Data for Thursday, May 8
3.41 Miles
Blow In The Wind Song For The Soundtrack: San Francisco
Columbus Marathon Training Total Mileage: 6.90 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Going Home

Rolling Stones Aftermath (1966)
"On their first release of nothing but Jagger/Richards originals, the Stones channel Chuck Berry and the Chess blues masters in almost equal parts. They also begin to build their wall of hits with Paint It, Black and Under My Thumb."

Running Data for Tuesday, May 6
3.49 Miles
Aftermath Song For The Soundtrack: Going Home
Columbus Marathon Training Total Mileage: 3.49 Miles

Monday, July 14, 2014


It should never be a mystery what race day performance likely will be when honest about pre-race training effort and volume.

Between October's 2013 Columbus Marathon and May's 2014 Capital City Half Marathon, I ran just short of 195 total miles. That's an average of less than 30 per month, not week, month.

Yes, I had a to nurse a post-marathon ankle injury. Yes, we had a "polar vortex" with frigid temperatures and near-record snows. But, no, I did not stay as motivated as I hoped this winter.

The good news is I listened to 45 great records along the way, some from familiar friends and several from new musical acquaintances.

The less lyrical news is that those numbers got me to the starting line and, more importantly, finish line, but not much else.

When it's a 13.1-mile run with 15,000 of your closest friends that's not so bad, especially on an ideal day on a spectacular course with plenty of support on the street and at the water stations. As always, a "big honkin' medal" was waiting for all the finishers at Columbus Commons.

Moreover, my iPod's random race-day musical selections from the training records provided an encore-worthy performance including:

- Following a starting line introduction from the Blue Jackets fighting fan favorite Jody Shelley, the first song of my run was Warren Zevon's Hit Somebody! (The Hockey Song).

- When I turned onto High Street at Lane Avenue, Columbus' own Lydia Loveless (Win Lips) and Royal Crescent Mob (Mob Stew) played back to back.

- A few miles down High, the ride belonged to Neil Young & Crazy Horse's Down By The River and Like A Hurricane.

- Fittingly, the final song of the run was Cat Steven's On The Road To Find Out.

For the 2015 Capital City Half Marathon, I plan to run the road to find out how much faster my time can be when the training effort is turned up to 11. 

The Race Day Soundtrack

1. Hit Somebody! (The Hockey Song) from Warren Zevon My Ride's Here
2. Iron Man from Black Sabbath Paranoid
3. The Other Shoe from Old '97s & Waylon JenningsOld 97's/Waylon Jennings
4. Sweet Emotion from Aerosmith Toys In The Attic
5. Silence When You Speak To Me from Motorhead Aftershock
6. Smoke On Water from Deep Purple The Very Best of Deep Purple
7. Rock Box from Run-D.M.C. Greatest Hits
8. Long Limbed Girl from Nick Lowe At My Age

9. Wide Open Spaces from Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces
10. Sunday Morning from Elizabeth Cook Balls
11. Red Headed Stranger from Willie Nelson Red Headed Stranger
12. Wine Lips from Lydia Loveless Somewhere Else
13. Mob Stew from Royal Crescent Mob Good Lucky Killer
14. Rebels from Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers Southern Accents
15. Saturday Night's All Right For Fighting from Elton John Greatest Hits
16. Somebody Get Me A Doctor from Van HalenVan Halen II
17. Down By The River Neil Young & Crazy Horse Live At The Fillmore East
18.  Like A Hurricane from Neil Young & Crazy Horse Live In San Francisco Disc II
19. I Drove Her Out Of My Mind from Johnny Cash Out Among The Stars
20. The Ghost of Joad from Bruce Springsteen High Hopes
21. My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue) from Neil Young & Crazy Horse Live In San Francisco Disc I
22. Cosmik Debris from Frank Zappa Apostrophe
23. Waiting On June from Holly Williams The Highway
24. Sweet Jane from Lou Reed Between Thought And Expression Disc I
25. Father And Son from Cat Stevens Cat Steven Greatest Hits
26. Motherly Love from Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention Freak Out
27. New Kind Of Kick from The Cramps Bad Music For Bad People
28. On The Road To Find Out from Cat Stevens Footsteps In The Dark

2014 Capital City Half Marathon Statistics
(Saturday, May 3, 2014)

Finish Time: 2:15:18
Final Pace: 10:20
5-Mile Time: 49:58
Overall Finish: 4789/8314
Men's Group: 2457/3401
50-54 Men's Age Group: 200/293

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Song For The Soundtrack:
Miles From Nowwhere
1. Rebels from Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers Southern Accents
2. Red Headed Stranger from Willie Nelson Red Headed Stranger
3. Wide Open Spaces from Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces
4. Smoke On Water from Deep Purple The Very Best of Deep Purple
5. Miles From Nowhere from Cat Stevens Tea For The Tillerman
6. On The Road To Find Out from Cat Stevens Footsteps In The Dark
7. Father And Son from Cat Stevens Cat Steven Greatest Hits
8. Hit Somebody! (The Hockey Song) from Warren Zevon My Ride's Here
Song For The Soundrack:
I Drove Her Out Of My Mind
9. I Drove Her Out Of My Mind from Johnny Cash Out Among The Stars
10. Sweet Emotion from Aerosmith Toys In The Attic
11. Saturday Night's All Right For Fighting from Elton John Greatest Hits
12. Long Limbed Girl from Nick Lowe At My Age
13. Somebody Get Me A Doctor from Van Halen Van Halen II
14. Rock Box from Run-D.M.C. Greatest Hits
15. Iron Man from Black Sabbath Paranoid
16. Add It Up from Violent Femmes Violent Femmes
17. Waiting For The Sun from The Jayhawks Hollywood Town Hall
18. Shit Shots Count from Drive-By Truckers English Oceans
Song For The Soundtrack:
Shit Shots Count
19. Stomp And Holler from Hard Working Americans Hard Working Americans
20. Motherly Love from Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention Freak Out
21. New Kind Of Kick from The Cramps Bad Music For Bad People
22. Uncontrollable Urge from Devo Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!
23. The Only Man from Lydia Loveless The Only Man
24. A Country Boy Can Survive from Hank Williams Jr. Hank Live
25. Waiting On June from Holly Williams The Highway
26. Gospel Plow from Elizabeth Cook Gospel Plow
27. Sunday Morning from Elizabeth Cook Balls
Song For The Soundtrack:
Gospel Plow
28. Mob Stew from Royal Crescent Mob Good Lucky Killer
29. Wine Lips from Lydia Loveless Somewhere Else
30.  Like A Hurricane from Neil Young & Crazy Horse Live In San Francisco Disc II
31. My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue) from Neil Young & Crazy Horse Live In San Francisco Disc I
32. Down By The River Neil Young & Crazy Horse Live At The Fillmore East
33. Cowgirl In The Sand from Neil Young Live At Massey Hall 1971
34. Don't Let It Bring You Down from Neil Young Live At The Cellar Door
35. Silence When You Speak To Me from Motorhead Aftershock
Song For The Soundtrack:
36. Lookin' Out My Back Door from Creedence Clearwater Revival Creedence Clearwater Revival Box Set
37. Fortunate Son from Creedence Clearwater Revival Creedence Clearwater Revival Box Set
38. The Ghost of Joad from Bruce Springsteen High Hopes
39. The Other Shoe from Old '97s & Waylon Jennings Old 97's/Waylon Jennings
40. Hungover from Brandy Clark 12 Stories
41. Bloody Mary Morning from Willie Nelson To All The Girls ...
42. Up On Cripple Creek from The Band The Last Waltz Disc I
43. We Don't Give A Damn For The Whole State Of Michigan from Dead Schembechlers Rodriguez To Ruin
44. Cosmik Debris from Frank Zappa Apostrophe
45. Sweet Jane from Lou Reed Between Thought And Expression Disc I

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


If music is a part of your running and racing, here are 26.2 selections - plus bonus cuts from each album - that need to be a part of your Columbus Marathon soundtrack.

They are long run ready and marathon tested.

Some will inspire. Others will speed you up. Still more will keep you on pace.

Whether you PR your next race or take longer than planned, make sure you've got magical music to get you to the finish line.

1. Lyle Lovett: Flyin' Shoes from Step Inside This House (1989) "This cover of Townes Van Zandt has been a part of all my marathon weekends and my flyin' shoes haven't let me down in 14 tries."
Bonus CutLungs

2. Ramones: Blitzkrieg Bop from Ramones (1976) "It wouldn't be a marathon morning with Joey chanting 'Hey ho, let's go' and Johnny turning his chainsaw guitar loose."
Bonus Cut: Havana Affair

3. Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band: Lost In The Flood from Hammersmith Odeon, London '75 (2006) "Bruce and The E Streeters are finding their groove during this Born To Run tour show on their first European visit. Like nearly every song in the show, the live treatment of Lost In The Flood takes it far beyond the studio takes."
Bonus Cut: Spirit In The Night

4. Funkadelic: Maggot Brain from One Nation Under A Groove (1978) "This is among the most scorching guitar meltdowns you'll ever hear. Turn this one loose in the middle of your long run groove."
Bonus CutOne Nation Under A Groove

5. Neil Young And Crazy HorseLike A Hurricane from Live Rust (1979) "After freeing your mind with the Maggot Brain, you're ready to ride the Crazy Horse because 'you are like a hurricane; there's calm in your eye.'"
Bonus Cut: Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)

6. Jackson Browne: Running On Empty from Running On Empty (1977) "You may feel like you're out of gas, but Jackson Browne will keep the road rushing under your wheels."
Bonus Cut: You Love The Thunder

7. Kacey Musgraves: Follow Your Arrow from Same Trailer Different Park (2013) "Go 13.1 if that's what you're into or take it the full 26.2. I would. Just follow your arrow to the finish line. There's a medal waiting."
Bonus Cut: Merry Go 'Round

8. Creedence Clearwater Revival: Lookin' Out My Back Door from Cosmos Factory (1970) "The Dude abides and so should you. I dare you to hear this song in the middle of a tough run, flash to its scene in The Big Lebowski and not grin."
Bonus Cut: Who'll Stop The Rain

9. Hard Working Americans: Stomp And Holler from Hard Working Americans (2014) "Don't fear the jam band roots of the Hard Working Americans. This is 1970s guitar rock at its updated finest."
Bonus Cut: Run A Mile

10. Guided By Voices: Chasing Heather Crazy from Isolation Drills (2001) "Look at this song as a challenge to catch the person running ahead of you and the next one and the next one and the next one ..."
Bonus Cut: Glad Girls

11. Joan Jett: Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) from Bad Reputation (1980) "Do you wanna get that 2014 Columbus Marathon finishers medal around your neck? Oh yeah."
Bonus Cut: Bad Reputation

12. Public Enemy: Fight The Power from Power to the People and the Beats (2005) "Do the right thing and listen to this song often - when you're running and when you're not."
Bonus CutHe Got Game

13. Lou ReedSweet Jane from Rock 'n' Roll Animal (1974) "Sweet Lou will have you running by the corner with a power gel in your hand moving to one of rock's most memorable guitar introductions to one of its most enduring classics."
Bonus CutRock 'n' Roll

14. Social Distortion: Ball And Chain from Live at the Roxy (1998) "This is what happens when you mix equal parts of Johnny Cash and the Rolling Stones with The Clash and Ramones."
Bonus Cut: Story Of My Life

15. KissShout It Out Loud from Alive II (1977) "Don't be embarrassed to have KISS on your iPod. Tell the haters they're in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame now."
Bonus Cut: Detroit Rock City

16. Ike Reilly: Hip Hop Thighs #17 from Salesmen and Racists (2001) "If you've never heard of Ike Reilly, consider that changed. The former Chicago hotel bellman mixes hip hop pacing with rock band structure and intoxicating stories for a singular and salty (sometimes sweet) sonic stew. He's released several great records, but his opening effort still sets the bar."
Bonus Cut: Commie Drives A Nova

17. Van Halen: Ice Cream Man from Van Halen (1978) "Eddie Van Halen's guitar playing is always at the forefront, but Van Halen is best when David Lee Roth feels playful."
Bonus Cut: Runnin' With The Devil

18. Dixie Chicks: Wide Open Spaces from Wide Open Spaces (1998) "Running is an excuse to find wide open spaces and there's a reason the Dixie Chicks were among country's biggest selling acts for many years. By the way, Natalie was right."
Bonus Cut: Let 'Er Rip

19. Black Sabbath: Iron Man from Paranoid (1970) "This is a real power song."
Bonus Cut: Paranoid

20. Rolling Stones: Happy from Exile On Main Street (1972) "How can you not be happy on marathon day? Especially if you spend part of it with the greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world and best album of all time."
Bonus Cut: Let It Loose

21. George Clinton: Atomic Dog from Greatest  Hits (2001) "Why must the dog chase the cat? The same reason you're running 13.1 or 26.2 miles on October 19."
Bonus Cut: Do Fries Go With That Shake

22. Devo: Uncontrollable Urge from from Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! (1978) "Got an urge, got a surge and it's out of control. We're going to run 26.2 miles on Sunday, October 19. Yeah, yeah, yeah."
Bonus Cut: Jocko Homo

23. Cheap Trick: Surrender from Cheap Trick at Budokan (1979) "Your mommy's all right. Your daddy's all right. Running 26.2 miles is a little weird."
Bonus Cut: I Want You To Want Me


24. Watershed: Black Concert T-Shirt from The More It Hurts, The More It Works (2002) "Listen to this running down High Street and you'll see the lyrics come to life."
Bonus Cut: Mercurochrome

25. Lydia Loveless: Wine Lips from Somewhere Else (2014) "Think of this one as inspiration to finish and find someone special to join the celebration."
Bonus Cut: Really Want To See You

26. The Favors: G.T.O. from The Favors (2002) "No matter how long you've been running, this one will make you feel just as supercharged as a G.T.O. with all the extras."
Bonus Cut: One Foot In The Grave

26.2. X-Rated Cowboys: End Of The World from Honor Among Thieves (2001) "Every time you cross the marathon finish line, it is the end of the world as you knew it ... in a good way."
Bonus Cut: Rear View Mirror


The Columbus Marathon RunFest is Saturday, July 12 at  the Aladdin Shrine Center at Easton, on 3850 Stelzer Road.

Hours are 1 to 4 p.m. and admission is free.

Opportunities include:

- Free food and drinks
- Marathon and 1/2 marathon training advice from experts
- Music and entertainment
- Sneak peek at this year’s race shirts and medal
- Raffle of amazing prizes
- Meet 2014 Boston Marathon Winner Meb Keflezighi!

For additional details, visit bit.ly/RunFest14.


Song For The Soundtrack:
Tom Petty Southern Accents
"Tom Petty is more Californian than Floridian, but this journey through the South comes from someone who knows of what he sings."

Running Data for Wednesday, April 30:
4.02 Miles
Southern Accents Song For The Soundtrack: Rebels
Capital City Half Marathon Training Total Mileage: 194.86

Song For The Soundtrack:
Red Headed Stranger

Willie Nelson Red Headed Stranger
"In one sparsely produced swoop in 1975, Willie Nelson created a new direction for country music and the outlaw movement was born. Nearly 30 years later, several of the songs are still a part of his live show."

Running Data for Tuesday, April 29:
4.06 Miles
Red Headed Stranger Song For The Soundtrack: Red Headed Stranger
Capital City Half Marathon Training Total Mileage: 190.84 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Wide Open Spaces
Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces
"The Dixie Chicks took the country music world by storm in 1998 on their first album with Natalie Maines on lead vocals. No matter what career damage their 2003 political firestorm caused, Wide Open Spaces sounds as fresh as it did when it was released. There's a reason the Chicks are one of country's biggest all-time sellers. By the way, Natalie was right."

Running Data for Thursday, April 24:
4.06 Miles

Wide Open Spaces Song For The Soundtrack: Wide Open Spaces
Capital City Half Marathon Training Total Mileage: 186.78 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Smoke On The Water
Deep Purple The Very Best of Deep Purple
"Deep Purple doesn't always get the historical credit they deserve, but they have left several indelible marks on the classic rock radio playlists with Hush, Highway Star, Smoke On the Water, Space Truckin', and Woman From Tokyo."

Running Data for Tuesday, April 22:
3.25 Miles
Running Data for Sunday, April 20:
4.01 Miles
The Very Best of Deep Purple Song For The Soundtrack: Smoke On The Water
Capital City Half Marathon Training Total Mileage: 182.72 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Miles From Nowhere
Cat Stevens Tea For The Tillerman
Footsteps In The Dark
Cat Stevens Greatest Hits
"Session listening to Cat Stevens, especially on sunny day runs, is pure mobile meditation and like going back to the 1970s when AM Radio still ruled the musical airwaves. The commercial depth of his catalog and sincerity of his lyrics more than make his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame deserved."

Running Data for Sunday, April 13:
5.20 Miles
Running Data for Saturday, April 12:
5.25 Miles
Tea For The Tillerman Song For The Soundtrack: Miles From Nowhere
Footsteps In The Dark Song For The Soundtrack: On The Road To Find Out
Cat Stevens Greatest Hits Song For The Soundtrack: Father And Son
Capital City Half Marathon Training Total Mileage: 175.46 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
Hit Somebody! (The Hockey Song)
Warren Zevon
My Ride's Here
"My Ride's Here is the middle episode of Zevon's mortality trilogy with Life'll Kill Ya as the opening act and The Wind as the finale. It's just as typically dark as the other two, even if it's not quite as easily approachable. Hit Somebody! (The Hockey Song) includes a cameo from long time friend and fan David Letterman."

Running Data for Thursday, April 3:
4.16 Miles
My Ride's Here Song For The Soundtrack: Hit Somebody! (The Hockey Song)
Capital City Half Marathon Training Total Mileage: 165.01 Miles

Song For The Soundtrack:
I Drove Her Out Of My Mind
Johnny Cash Out Among The Stars
"The Man In Black recorded the songs on this posthumous 2014 collection in the early 1980s when he was trying to recapture commercial gold with producer Billy Sherrill. It's neither a Sun Studios redo nor an early preview of his American Recordings personna, but Out Among The Stars is a pleasant trip back to when his voice was strong and the chosen material dead on."

Running Data for Wednesday, April 2:
4.07 Miles
Out Among The Stars Song For The Soundtrack: I Drove Her Out of My Mind
Capital City Half Marathon Training Total Mileage: 160.85 Miles