Saturday, June 20, 2015

Angaleena Presley Shoots Beyond Pistol Annies to Make a Musical Plea for the American Middle Class

Song For The Soundtrack:
Grocery Store
Angaleena Presley is the last of the Pistol Annies trio (Miranda Lambert and Ashley Monroe) to shoot for solo gold and she finds it with the sensitive and sincere American Middle Class (2014).

Less playful than the Annies' efforts, Presley provides 12 somber songs of adult country spotlighting rural life reality and real life consequences from a Kentucky coal mine community point of view.

American Middle Class is more reminiscent of solo Monroe than Lambert and a close cousin to Brandy Clark's 12 Stories.

Presley provides her own take on economic hardship, unplanned pregnancy and finding fun in the land of "dry county blues."

"Not a beer joint in sight/Half the county's laid off/Laid up a gettin' high."

Dry Country Blues leads to Pain Pills which becomes Life Of The Party and its walk of shame right into being Knocked Up.

This sobering and unsober circle of life leads to the conclusion that it might be better to turn politically red to escape: "'Cause a blade of bluegrass left a scar on my neck/And it ain't quit hurtin' yet."

Amid all the pain, Presley's characters may be ready to Surrender, but never give up all of their hope.

Running Data for Wednesday, June 10:
3.15 Miles
Additional American Middle Class Candidates For Columbus Marathon Soundtrack: American Middle Class, Better Off Red, Drunk, Surrender
Total 2015 Miles: 106.65 Miles

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