Thursday, June 18, 2015

It's Been 25 Years And A Thousand Tears Since Social Distortion Released Self-Titled Classic

Song For The Soundtrack:
Ball And Chain
Mix equal parts Stones and Ramones with Cash and Clash to create the explosive punk rock that is Social Distortion.

Their 1990 self-titled classic did for them what Tim did for The Replacements.

It's now 25 years old and Social D. is playing it in its entirety on this summer's six-week concert tour with Nikki Lane and Drag The River.

It packs all the power of its predecessors - Mommy's Little Monster and Prison Bound - with a more polished sound that was friendly to the early-90's "alternative radio" and MTV.

The "Big Four" of the Social Distortion collection remains Story Of My Life, Sick Boys, Ring Of Fire, and Ball And Chain. The Social D. version of Ring Of Fire still burns the brightest of all the Johnny Cash covers out there and that's no small feat.

Social Distortion's closest tour stops to Columbus
this summer are Indianapolis on August 14, Cleveland
on August 16 and Pittsburgh on August 21.
The remaining six cuts are just as juicy - So Far Away, Let It Be Me, It Coulda Been Me, She's A Knockout, A Place In My Heart and Drug Train.

Each song benefits from Mike Ness' sincerity and lyrical authenticity, packaged with a big guitar sound.

High school still seems like a blur and with Social Distortion we'll keep dreaming of that rock 'n' roll weekend.

Running Data for Monday, June 8:
3.65 Miles
Additional Social Distortion Candidates For Columbus Marathon Soundtrack: Story Of My Life, Sick Boys, Ring Of Fire, She's A Knockout
Total 2015 Miles: 103.50 Miles

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