Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Willie Nelson and His Band of Brothers and Sisters and Whatever Remain on the Road for All of Us

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Willie Nelson may have passed 80, but his 2014 Band Of Brothers collection proves he has no interest in slowing down or doing it any differently than "The Willie Way."

He's equally sensitive, silly, stubborn and really doesn't care what anyone thinks. He's a songwriting, guitar-playing rascal who just keeps moving down the road finding friends, fans and lovers wherever he goes.

On Band Of Brothers, nine of the 14 songs are Willie originals co-written with producer Buddy Cannon of Kenny Chesney production fame.

Thematically, he sticks to familiar ground - good love, bad love and his "senior outlaw" lifestyle.

Few can sandwich a romp like Wives And Girlfriends between two love songs such as Whenever You Come Around and I Thought I Left You and sound equally sincere on all three.

"Well I love my wives and girlfriends
May they never meet
May they never know each other
When they pass on the street
Well I might be a Mormon or I might be a heathen or a gambler, I just don't know
But I love my wives and girlfriends
Turn 'em all out and let 'em all go."

No matter how many miles and faces he's left behind, there's no sign of him quitting any time soon.

"We're a band of brothers and sisters and whatever
On a mission to break all the rules."

As he sings and strums on the closing number, "I've got a lot of traveling to do."

Good for Willie and even better for us.

Running Data for Sunday, June 14:
6.01 Miles
Additional Band Of Brothers Candidates For Columbus Marathon Soundtrack: Bring It On, Wives And Girlfriends, The Git Go, Band Of Brothers, Hard To Be An Outlaw, Crazy Like Me
Total 2015 Miles: 116.84 Miles

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